Janeva Adena Calderón Zentz as Olga

Janeva has been called 'the Guatemalan Shelley Duvall' for her striking features and scene stealing presence. She is a graduate of The Cooper Union in NYC where she studied Fine Arts and currently works in Los Angeles as a visual artist and performer for film and television. The role of 'Olga' was Janeva's very first time acting on camera. 


Pamela Guthrie as Boss Lady

Pamela Guthrie, originally from Great Britain, is an actor living and working in New York City. Besides performing in La Voz, she has been in episodes of The Sopranos, 30 Rock and Law and Order SVU. On weekends, Pamela runs marathons. 


Kevin Tamayo as Sad Boy

Kevin Tamayo is a student from Brooklyn, New York. He also works with his father's construction company where he is an incredible drywall installer. He spends his summers in Mexico visiting his grandmother, bird-watching and enjoying the outdoors. La Voz is his first time acting. He has since lost a lot of weight. 




Ricky Powell as Henchman #1

Born and raised in New York City, Ricky Powell is a legendary photographer who specializes in the environmental portrait. Though Powell initially rose to fame because of his relationship with the Beastie Boys, he is well-known for his intimate photographs that have been featured in The New York Times, The New York Post, The Daily News, The Village Voice, TIME, Newsweek, VIBE, The Source, Rolling Stone, and more. He is also an all-around personality and a living, breathing hip-hop version of Oscar Madison.


T.O.C. as Henchman #2

T.O.C. is a DJ, Music Producer, truck driver and BBQ connoisseur. La Voz is his first role as an actor, although he did appear on Prince Paul's legendary "Ill-Out Show" on Sirius Satellite Radio, however playing himself. Currently he is performing as 'The Bartender' on Prince Paul's "All-Purpose Show", a variety show produced by Scion. He once met Lucy Liu on the street in Manhattan.


Mr.Dead as Henchman #3

Mr. Dead (aka Sr. Muerto) is an internationally acclaimed Hip Hop MC who has toured the world with Prince Paul, Handsome Boy Modeling School and his own group, Metabolics. He is also an accomplished character actor and special effects make-up artist (numerous Troma films, music videos, The Chris Elliot Show, etc.). Mr. Dead's greatest claim to fame is probably knowing more about Tom Savini than even Tom Savini knows about Tom Savini. He also collects snakes and old video game consoles.


Milton Carcache Mercado as Olga’s Nephew  /  Martha Mercado Aguirres as Olga’s Sister-in-Law  /  Dayton Carache Mercado as Olga’s Younger Nephew  /   Lance Kutrybala, Nativadad Garcia, Siria Diaz, Johanna Tamayo, Vero Ordaz, Hugo Poncio, Orlando Poncio, Juan Carlos Campoverde, Adolfo ‘Rony’ Mejia, Ramberto Flores, Fredy Lara, Faich Meguinnes, Enrique Diaz, Angely Diaz-Pop, Nancy Jimenez, Carlos Pop, Mari White, Jemsika Mirabito as The Students  /  Rafael Villa as The Designer  /  Constantino Armento as  The Printer  /  Yoshiko Mori, Noriko Maniwa and Kiki Katahira as The Tourists  /  Martin O’Connell as The Barista  / Chang-Ling Guan as The Beautician  /  Sherry Ann Griffin as The Stationary Store Clerk  /  Karen Patwa as The Dress Store Clerk  /  Leticia Benitez and Fabiola Martin as as The Mexican Restaurant Waitresses  /  Antonio Rodriguez as The Mexican Restaurant Patron  /  Young-Im Yoon as The Convenience Store Clerk #1  /  Elmer Urbina Velásquez, Alvin Urbina Velásquez and Etzel Urbina Velásquez as The Musicians  /  James Kim as The Convenience Store Clerk #2  / Luca Pizzaroni as The Dog Walker  /  Vana Pizzaroni as The Dog  /  Rob De Florio as The NYTimes Magazine Reader  /  Jake Greene as The Can Collector   /  The Penguin as Himself


Director / Writer / Producer
Maximón Monihan > 

Sheena Matheiken > 

Miana Juanita Grafals and José Galleta 

Lighting Director
Jesus H. Garrett III >

Assistant Director
Andrés Prokopenko

Miguel Sobo > 

Sound Designer
Miguel Coffman >

Art Director
Janeva Adena Calderón Zentz

MakeUp, Hair & Special Effects
Señor Muerto >

Title Designer
José 'Pepe' Newton >

Visual Effects
Marcelo Z, Erica Perez, Danilo De Gloria, Gap Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Rico Drake

Production Assistants
Nicolita 'LeeLee' Monihan, Sancho Denton, Yoshiko Mori, Héctor 'Flaco' Concepción, Deniella Rosa

Location Manager
Samuel Rohn >

Kristiano Sorge, Aldofo 'Rony' Mejia

Production Company
Bricolagista! Inc. >